[FF] Shadowbringers Enamel Pin -PREORDER-

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A rose gold, hard enamel pin based on the Final Fantasy XIV expansion—Shadowbringers. This pin features 3 crystals attached by chains to symbolize the Crystarium and an embedded pearl to resemble the Garlean third eye. The design is based off of various motifs and references from Shadowbringers including the Warrior of Light horns, Emet-Selch's Ascian glyph with Amaurot's buildings depicted within it, the Crystal Exarch's crystal motifs and staff shape as a cut out in the center of the pin, Lakeland's purple flowers, etc.!


Product Details
  • Each pin is ~2 inches

  • Rose gold plated

  • Hard enamel

  • 2 Gold butterfly clutch backings

  • 3 Crystals attached by rose gold chains
  • B GRADE: Minor issues with parts of the enamel and/or plating that are visible such as scratches, nicks, and/or misplaced/missing enamel color. Flaws aren't severe but are noticeable with close inspection.
  • PREORDER: This product is currently on preorder from now until January 1st at 11PM PST! Please note that preorders will be shipped out 1-2 months from when preorders close and may be subject to delays due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and any general shipment/distribution issues.