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Hi there! I'm Sano Eli—a freelance illustrator, visual development artist, and designer based in the United States who specializes in creating dreamy, fantasy inspired art pieces with vibrant pops of color in Adobe Photoshop.

I've had the honor of working on a variety of projects including visdev, fashion design, games, editorial work, book/magazine covers, and much more over the past decade!

Some of my clients include: Sanrio, Charli Cohen, David Russell/Lindsey Stirling, Déraciné, CultWings, and more.

My art pieces feature a wide range of mediums and subject matter—with character, environment, and prop focused visual storytelling being at the forefront of my artistic expression. After launching my small art business (Prismono) in the spring of 2018, my creations quickly gained traction and I've had the incredible opportunity of sharing my work with thousands of fellow art lovers and collectors around the world ever since!

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