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Sano is a freelance illustrator, designer, and dog mom who specializes in creating dreamy art pieces and designs with vibrant pops of color. Growing up with a passion for drawing, Sano wanted to pursue a career in the arts from a young age and worked to perfect her personal style while taking inspiration from her favorite media and aesthetics.

Her art pieces feature a wide range of mediums and subject matter—with surreal and otherworldly depictions of humans, animals, environments, and abstract shapes and designs being at the forefront of her themes. After launching an art store (Prismono) in the spring of 2018, her creations quickly gained traction as she shared her work with thousands of fellow art lovers and collectors around the world.

When Sano isn't drawing or packaging orders, she loves working as a voice actress for commercials, radio, video games, and animation! Curious to learn more? Check out her voiceover page here: SANO ELI VOICEOVER

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