[FF] Endwalker Enamel Pin -PREORDER-

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A rose gold, hard enamel pin based on the Final Fantasy XIV expansion—Endwalker. This pin features 2 crystals attached by chains to symbolize Hydaelyn’s crystal and also includes references to Meteion, the Elpis flowers, Hermes/Fandaniel, Elidibus, Azem, and the Moon. 


Product Details
  • **Does NOT include Shadowbringers pin. These photos were only used to show an example of how the Endwalker pin will look as a physical product once preorders have funded it!
    Each pin is ~2 inches

  • Rose gold plated

  • Hard enamel

  • 2 Gold butterfly clutch backings

  • 3 Crystals attached by rose gold chains
  • B GRADE: Minor issues with parts of the enamel and/or plating that are visible such as scratches, nicks, and/or misplaced/missing enamel color. Flaws aren't severe but are noticeable with close inspection.
  • PREORDER: This product is currently on LIMITED preorder from now until slots sell out! Please note that preorders will be shipped out 1-2 months from when preorders close and may be subject to delays due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and any general shipment/distribution issues.