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[FF] "A Tarot Card Reborn" Enamel Pins -PREORDER-

[FF] "A Tarot Card Reborn" Enamel Pins -PREORDER-

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A fully revamped and newly created collection of unique Final Fantasy enamel pins inspired by tarot card designs! This collection features 2 returning, fan-favorites from the original Final Fantasy Tarot Card series (FF7 and FF9) as well as 2 brand new titles being welcomed into the tarot card family (FF14 and FF16). Each pin is directly inspired by their respective game and includes an iconic song from the game's soundtrack in the form of a banner! A full set of 4 enamel pins is available at a discounted price!

Product Details

  • Each pin is ~2 inches

  • Gold plated

  • Hard enamel

  • 2 Rubber clutch backings

  • **The LAST image in the final slide is showing how the physical product of the original Final Fantasy Tarot Card pin collection looked for an idea of how the revamped set may look once manufacturing is completed. You will not be receiving the pins shown in the last image.
  • PREORDER: This product is currently on preorder for a limited time until February 20th at 11PM PST! This product is funded by YOU, so please be sure to get your preorder in before the deadline so this collection can come to life and more FF titles can be added in the future! Please note that preorders will be shipped out 2-4 months from when preorders close and may be subject to delays due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and any general shipment/distribution issues.
  • We are not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen goods. 


FINAL FANTASY VII: Meteor looms in the background as the buster sword stands tall among a field of Aerith's flowers—her pink ribbon flowing behind it. The unique archway design is heavily inspired by the windows and architecture inside the church in the slums. The song "The Price of Freedom" from the Crisis Core soundtrack is the banner text in honor of Zack Fair! 
 FINAL FANTASY IX: A front-facing shot of the iconic cutscene featuring the infamous Eidolon—Alexander! The unique archway design is inspired by the architecture of two beloved locations; Lindblum and Treno. A tuft of Kuja's feathers dance gracefully above the song title "You're Not Alone" featured in the banner.
FINAL FANTASY XIV: Amaurot's intricately structured aetheryte crystal looms above a field of Elpis flowers that rest in front of the moon of Mare Lamentorum. Meteion flies overhead as a Heavensward inspired dragon wing grows out of the crystal. The unique archway design is inspired by Ishgardian architecture and hints of Kugane and Garlemald's respective symbols. The song "Answers" from A Realm Reborn's soundtrack is the banner text in honor of FFXIV's iconic and long-standing legacy.
 FINAL FANTASY XVI: Clive's beloved pup Torgal looks on at Joshua's phoenix feathers that float away from a scene depicting Drake's Tail overlooking the Crystalline Dominion. The knives pierced into a crystal shard symbolize Clive and Cid's bond in the game, with Wyvern tail flowers framing it in honor of Dion. The song "Find the Flame" is the banner text—press to accept the truth!

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