☾ Shop Update: Color Swatch Pins & Previous Order Updates

Hello everyone,


The shop has just been updated with a brand new preorder for the Color Swatch pins! 

I wanted to go over some information with you guys for this preorder cycle as well as previous preorders that still haven't been shipped out.


- Color Swatch pin preorders:

  • As I mentioned on social media, the preorders for the Color Swatch pins are available in a set of all 3 and also available for individual preorder.
  • It's super important that we reach the funding goal on these pins as we won't be able to produce the physical pins without proper funding, so if you're interested in ordering, please be sure to order before preorders close on August 1st at 11PM PST!

- Previous preorder cycles:

  • FF7 Tarot Card pins: These pins are still in production with my manufacturer and all preorders from this cycle will be shipped out as soon as I receive them! I'll also be putting up limited in-stocks of these pins after I finish fulfilling those orders.
  • Serendipity pins: I have a batch of these pins currently in production with my manufacturer and will be shipping any previous preorders for this pin out as soon as they arrive. I'm reopening preorders on these because I ordered a large quantity!
  • MOTS Rapline pins: In the same production batch as FF7 Tarot Card pins! These should be finished around the same time and will be shipped out as soon as they finish.


Thanks so much for your patience and support!

- Sano Eli

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