☾ New Releases + Restocks & Shipment Info

Hello everyone!


Super excited to announce that this Friday (3/12) at 1PM PST, two brand new releases will go LIVE on the shop as well as several restocks on previous designs! Stocks are limited on all designs, so please be sure to get your order in before they're gone.


Shop Update - 3/12/2021

  • VANTE for Taehyung and Moon for Seokjin pins will be available for the first time as in stocks this Friday at 1PM PST. Stocks will be limited on these pins and both A grade and B grade versions will be available for purchase. If stock sells out quickly, I'll be opening preorders on both designs!
  • One Summer's Moon stationery sets will still be available for preorder until Saturday (3/13) at 11PM PST.
  • Restocks will be available in limited quantities for Still With Jungkook, Promise, Tonight by Jin, Map of the Soul Rapline, Paradise, and Shadowbringers pins at the same time as VANTE and Moon releases.

Preorder Shipments + UK Shipping Information

  • For all outstanding preorders not including One Summer's Moon preorders and Serendipity pins from the January preorder cycle, your order will be shipped out this Friday as well!
  • Outstanding Serendipity preorders will be shipped out next month once my manufacturer delivers the batch to me.
  • Due to new VAT restrictions, Prismono had previously withheld all shipments to the United Kingdom, however, I have decided to reopen them and will be shipping out all outstanding UK orders as well. The situation surrounding the VAT issue is still incredibly uncertain, but I plan to keep a close eye on how shipments go and will respond accordingly should any issues occur.


Thank you so much for all of your support and love! I can't wait for everyone to receive their goodies and appreciate everyone's patience through the various COVID-19 and holiday delays.


Hope you're having a happy and safe 2021!


- Sano Eli

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