☾ New Arrivals & Preorders/Restock Info!

Hello everyone!


Just wanted to quickly go over the new shop update as well as some updates on previous preorder cycles and new arrivals coming soon after this update!

  • Brand new shop update!:

So we're kicking off July with a new arrival! Map of the Soul Rapline pins are available for preorder from now until July 15th (closing at 11PM PST). We also have reopened preorders on Serendipity, Paradise, and PROMISE pins that share the same preorder window as MOTS Rapline! Tonight by Jin and PxM Tarot Card pins have also been restocked.

  • Serendipity & FF7 Tarot Card Preorder Information:

My manufacturers are hard at work and still producing these pins for you guys, so for anyone who preordered these pins in a previous preorder cycle, your orders will ship soon! The current virus situation has made the production process significantly delayed, but you will receive a shipment confirmation email once your order is ready to go. I'm currently working with two separate manufacturers on these pins, so please note that shipment times will differ depending on which batch finishes first.

  • Prismatic x Monochromatic Kickstarter Tee Information:

The PxM Kickstarter ended a few months ago and I was able to ship out all Paradise pins for that backer tier, however, production on the PxM tees were halted due to the virus and only just recently resumed with the full production schedule. The final sample has been received and the full production order has already been placed, so I'll be sure to update you guys once that batch of shirts arrives and I also ordered more shirts that will be added to the shop! 

  • New Arrival Information:

As mentioned above, PxM tees will be added to the shop as in stocks (stock availability will be extremely limited, so be sure to keep up to date with updates on when they'll go live!). FF7 Seventh Heaven pins will also be open for preorder soon once that batch arrives! 


As always, thank you SO MUCH for all your love and support! For any questions, please use the Contact page on the site or follow the contact info below.


 -Sano Eli

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