☾ Important Update Regarding Tonight Pin Preorders

Happy May, everyone!


For those of you who have preordered Tonight pins, I just received the package from my manufacturer and, unfortunately, all of the pins were produced using the wrong glitter enamel color. I’m currently communicating with my manufacturer to see if I can get these remade and a newly corrected batch sent to me, but this will definitely take time especially given the current pandemic situation.

If for any reason my manufacturer is unable to supply a remade batch of pins, emails will be sent out to everyone who preordered the Tonight pin and I will show an example of the color difference. If the color difference is an issue, I will provide a full refund to your order. Otherwise, your order will be shipped out as normal.

If my manufacturer is able to provide a remade batch of pins, shipments will go out as normal and the flawed pins will be sold on the shop as B grade pins. 

As for all other preorders not including Tonight pins, your order will be shipped out throughout this week.

I’m so sorry for the delay on this and will keep you guys updated on the situation as it develops. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! All updates will be provided on my social media provided below and large scale updates will be posted as an announcement on this board.


- Sano Eli

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