[BTS] Butter A5 Jelly Ring Notebook Binder

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A transparent PVC jelly ring notebook with 100 lined sheets of paper, 2 front and back 300gsm pages inspired by BTS's new single "Butter", and durable metal rings that can be opened and closed—perfect for inputting your pages of choice!

Product Details:

  • A5 6 ring binder
  • Clear transparent PVC "jelly" notebook with loose leaf binding
  • Includes a coated cover page featuring the "One Summer's Moon" artwork with 300gsm thickness
  • 100 lined inner page sheets with 100gsm thickness
  • As this is a binder, you can add your own page sheets and decorate it to your liking! Great for bullet journaling, photocard collecting, scrapbooking, etc.!
  • This project is funded by you! Please note that, without your contribution, this product may not become fully produced, so be sure to place your order before preorders close on June 19th at 11PM PST!
  • PREORDER: This product has been made available for preorder and will be shipped out in 1-2 months due to high demand. Please note that shipment times may be delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions.