[FF] Tarot Card Enamel Pins -Final Stock-

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8 unique Final Fantasy enamel pins inspired by tarot card designs. Each pin is directly inspired by their respective game and includes an iconic song from the game's soundtrack in the form of a banner!

Product Details

  • Each pin is ~2 inches

  • Gold plated

  • Hard enamel

  • 2 Rubber clutch backings

  • B GRADE: Minor issues with parts of the enamel and/or plating that are visible such as scratches, nicks, and/or misplaced/missing enamel color. Flaws aren't severe but are noticeable with close inspection.
  • Final sale NOTICE: This will be the FINAL opportunity to purchase the FF Tarot Card pin series to make space for more Final Fantasy products and designs in the near future! Once these products are sold out, they will not be restocked.
  • We are not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen goods. 


FINAL FANTASY IV: A landscape view of the Tower of Babil with the two moons residing behind it as Cecil's Paladin sword and Kain's Dragoon lance are crossed through the tarot card. The song "Theme of Love" is the banner text.
 FINAL FANTASY VI: Depicting a scene reminiscent of the final battle with roses symbolizing Terra's color scheme. The classic song "Dancing Mad" is the banner text. 
 FINAL FANTASY VII: Meteor looming in the background with the scene from Advent Children of the buster sword sitting in the church in front of it. The song "The Price of Freedom" from the Crisis Core soundtrack is the banner text in honor of Zack Fair! 
 FINAL FANTASY VIII: The Griever emblem at the center with Edea's back piece looming behind it and Ultimecia's final form compressing all of time and space below. The song "Liberi Fatali" is the banner text.
 FINAL FANTASY IX: A front-facing shot of the iconic cutscene featuring the infamous Eidolon--Alexander! The song "You're Not Alone" is the banner text.  
 FINAL FANTASY X: Yuna's iconic staff forming a "halo" over the island of Kilika where she performed the Sending in-game. The song "A Fleeting Dream" is the banner text.
FINAL FANTASY XIII: Cocoon's crystallized form (inspired by both Yoshitaka Amano's iconic logo and the in-game render) centered amidst the night sky with Orphan's left wings stretching out from behind it. The song "Blinded by Light" is the banner text.
 FINAL FANTASY XV: Heavily inspired by the Crownsguard badge with the Lucis crest forming a "halo" behind it. The song "Somnus" is the banner text.