Color Swatch Enamel Pins

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A set of rose gold, hard enamel pins inspired by P*ntone color swatch squares. Each pin has a special color code included in the design!

Design Details:
Eternal Tide: 
  • Heavily inspired by BTS' We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal song and MV! Includes a special color code representing their debut date and a special whale named Baby J.

Blooming Morning:

  • Flowers in full bloom as the early morning sunrise shines its light on a glistening pond.

Magic Hour:

  • What magic lies among the stars? A moon, stars, and abstract clouds encapsulate a mystical night sky. Features a special glitter enamel center.


Product Details
  • Each pin is ~2 inches

  • Rose gold plated

  • Hard enamel

  • 2 Pink rubber clutch backings