[DBH] Detroit CYBERLIFE Enamel Pin -Final Stock-

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A silver plated, hard enamel pin featuring Detroit: Become Human's CYBERLIFE brand along with the (silver-plated) glowing android ring and various android uniform triangles!

Product Details

  • Each pin is ~1.5 inches

  • Silver plated

  • Hard enamel

  • 2 Butterfly clutch backings

  • B GRADE: Minor issues with parts of the enamel and/or plating that are visible such as scratches, nicks, and/or misplaced/missing enamel color. Flaws aren't severe but are noticeable with close inspection.
  • FINAL STOCK: I will not be restocking these once they sell out, so get them while you can!


"Designed by CYBERLIFE, Assembled in Detroit."